Supporting the work of
Edmonton's Police
in our communities


The Edmonton Police Foundation is dedicated to supporting crime
prevention community policing and education initiatives developed by the
Edmonton Police Service to meet emerging needs within Edmonton's
communities. The Foundation is best understood as an outgrowth of
community policing allowing for the interests of the community to come

The Foundation is proud to promote innovative projects and programs
which strengthen the relationship between the police and the community.


The interests of the community come first while at the same time recognizing that police officers are in a unique position to raise awareness of current issues and problems in a community. Responsiveness to the needs of members of the Edmonton Police Service who are engaged in daily interaction with the community is encouraged. Financial donations will be accepted if they in no way bring into disrepute the integrity of the Edmonton Police Foundation. Board members should accept the strategic goals of the Edmonton Police Service acknowledging the needs of the community guide the directions such goals must take. A sense of understanding and sensitivity to the particular needs of certain neighbourhoods in the Edmonton area is recognized as important. Monies distributed from the Foundation to the Edmonton Police Service should not ordinarily be put towards the purchase of items traditionally provided for in capital or operating budgets. The Edmonton Police Foundation is best understood as an outgrowth of community policing.